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Space Saving Apartment Bike Storage

Apartments and condominiums are convenient, but also compact. They don’t often come with private outdoor space, much less abundant storage. Space-saving apartment and condominium bike storage with Kradl can help.  

Often, choosing apartment or condo living brings you closer to cultural and recreational opportunities, both in cities and smaller suburban towns. But if you take advantage of those opportunities by riding a bike—to work, through parks, on trails, or to concerts—you need a safe, dry place to store your bike. 

If you’re lucky, your apartment complex provides dedicated storage as part of the rent or ample closet space. That’s when you realize you have more stuff than space, even after you’ve sold or given away everything you’re willing to do without. So where do you put your bike? 

Kradl provides space-saving apartment and condominium bike storage. This innovative ceiling-mounted bike hoist raises your bike off the floor and suspends it safely and securely from the ceiling, which frees up floor space for all your other stuff—furniture, TV, desk, laptop, and dining table—and closet space for what’s supposed to be in a closet—your clothes. 

Kradl even works with apartment storage lockers. If the space is big enough to park your bike, it’s big enough to haul your bike up off the floor, which creates more space for whatever else you may want to store. Check with your landlord to be sure the unit can accept a ceiling-mounted device to hang your bike. 

The last thing you want to do is burn daylight moving things around in your apartment or storage locker just to access your bike. Kradl keeps your bike out of the way but ready to ride at a moment’s notice. 

Kradl doesn’t require electricity and installs easily with just two screws. It works without awkward pulleys and ropes. Just secure the hoist strap around your bike’s crossbar, pull the cord to shift the device into lift mode, and press gently down on your bike to activate the lift.  

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