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How Does the Kradl Stack Up Against the Competition for Best Bike Stand, Bike Rack or Bike Storage

Wondering how the Kradl stacks up against the competition? Well when it comes to bike stands, bike racks, and bike storage solutions, there’s quite a bit to choose from. So we’ve broken down your bicycle storage solutions based on the following:

  • Budget

  • Versatility

  • Ease of install

  • Ease of use

  • Power, lift or weight capacity

  • Space required

We’ve also taken a look at Kradl’s top competitors and given you the best options for your bike and your budget.

Before we dive in if you have questions that can’t wait until the end, drop us an email or give us a call at (858) 240-9902.

Kradl Bike Lift, Bike Storage
The Kradl weighs in at just 4 pounds, yet can hold its weight against the competition.

1. Budget

As cost is one of the top factors you will consider when purchasing your bike storage system or bike rack, we’re tackling this one first.

For those on a tight budget (think ramen noodles and the free Clif bars you got at the last race), there is nothing that can beat the good old ceiling hook. Park Tool’s rubber-coated hook sells for about $5 on Amazon. Then there are the slightly more sophisticated hooks, like Rubbermaid’s or Delta Cycles for $14.99.

If you’re like us, you’ve tried all of these options and you’re willing to spend a little more to store and protect that $5,000 road bike. So we next looked at the more unique bike racks and bike storage systems that help make your bike look more like a work of art. In this category, we’ve got the Colnago Signature Bike Hanger from Cactus Tongue ($164) and the BikeDock from ArtiVelo ($206).

Really want your guests to know your bike is the most important thing in your world? Then the Vadolibero Domus is it. Display your bicycle like you would a piece of art or a flat-screen TV with this bicycle storage system. It does have other features, like compartments, drawers, and hangers, but at a cost of over $5,000, you'd better be winning the Tour de France next year to pay for it.

How the Kradl compares:

The Kradl is budget-friendly at $149 and we are currently offering free shipping through Kradl or on Amazon for Prime members. It's also the only bike storage system under $200 that will lift your bike for you and free up that precious storage space!

2. Versatility

When it comes to versatility, your ceiling hook bike mount can be installed just about anywhere.

Then there are the rope and pulley systems, such as Racor’s or RAD Cycle’s Bike Lift. These severely limit installation options because of their size and the fact that the bike must hang parallel to the direction in which the device is mounted.

Moreover, rope & pulley systems must be installed near a wall or post where there is somewhere to tie off the rope. The rope dangling visual definitely makes us nervous with small kiddos running around. The bike pulley systems are also challenging or impossible to use with anything other than a flat ceiling.

So, how does the Kradl compare to a bike hook or rope and pulley bike storage systems?

  • With only two mounting screws required and the ability to be placed in nearly as many locations as a ceiling hook, including vaulted ceilings, Kradl is a close second in this category.

  • The Kradl has the ability to lift your bicycle, so no more straining your back to get your bicycle up and down off a ceiling hook each time.

  • With Kradl, you can also hang your bike in any direction, regardless of the direction or pitch that Kradl is mounted to the ceiling.

  • With a bike hook you may be limited to hanging your bike by its wheels, pulling the wheels out of true, especially for a heavier bicycle like your mountain bike or beach cruiser.

3. Installation

Other than a few types of floor stands, like the Feedback Sports Bike Floor Mount, nearly all of these solutions require that the device be affixed to a wall or ceiling stud. Here are the added challenges we’ve seen with other bike racks or bicycle ceiling mounts:

  • Spanning multiple joists can be tricky with the rope and pulley system or an electric lift.

  • Electric lifts require electricity and the necessary wiring may mean you need to hire a professional electrician.

What’s the install process for Kradl?

With Kradl, there is no assembly required and only two mounting screws are needed to affix it to the ceiling. Its proprietary lifting mechanism does not use electricity - so no expensive electrical work required.

Here’s some how-to video links to help you with installation:

4. Ease of Use

As anyone that has lifted a bike to a ceiling hook knows, it can be more tricky than it looks. The wheel can move around making it tough to hit that hook with the bike up over your head. Floor stands are pretty straight forward so long as you have a level top tube, but if you have a slanted top bar…forget about it.

Then all the ropes associated with the rope & pulley systems often get tangled and need to be tied off somewhere. Because electric lifts and rope & pulley systems attach to the bike seat and handlebars, getting the right amount of slack in the line is key. You don’t want the hook to fall off before you hoist it up!

Lastly, because we’ve spent so much on our bicycles, we worry about them getting scratched or dinged during storage. The last thing we want is to have our bike fall off the mount due to improper position of the attachment hooks, or get hit by the door it’s tucked behind.

Why is the Kradl Easy to Use?