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Effortless access to your bike, ready when you are.

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Bike Ceiling Hoist

Kradl, bike storage, bike hook, bike lift, no electrcity

Bike storage, elevated.

Our transformative bike ceiling hoist will change your relationship to cycling. You’ll never have to waste time moving things around in your garage, basement, apartment or storage unit just to get to your bike. The Kradl is a revolutionary garage bike lift that gets your bike up off the floor and securely and easily suspends it from the ceiling. Unlike other bike storage lift systems, Kradl doesn’t require electricity. The 25lb Kradl can raise bikes weighing up to 25 pounds, and the 40lb version lifts 26 to 40 pounds without cumbersome ropes or pulleys. The Kradl installs easily with just two screws. Best of all, it’s always ready when you are. 


We donate to emergency response services in states where you ride because Kradl wouldn't exist without San Diego Fire & Rescue. 

Kradl gives to fire and rescue servces


  • No electricity

  • Lifts up to 40 pounds

  • Easy to install

  • Just pull it down and go

Kradl, bike lift and storage system.
Woman using Kradl to create more space


Kradl gives you back that precious floor space so you can get more out of your home. 

What people are saying.


Ashland, OR

"Love these so much! Just ordered four more as a gift for my brother... who is a beast of a rider living in Alaska."  

"Take back your floor space with this easy-to-use lift that gets bikes up and out of the way with a simple tug."

triathlete magazine logo

California BICYCLE

La Jolla, CA

"Stronger than you expect.  It lifts our Fat Bikes - no problem."

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