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When you’re ready to ride, you want your bike to be ready, too. When space is at a premium and you have limited floor space in your garage, basement, or storage locker, the Kradl ceiling mount bike hoist  is the solution. It easily installs with just two screws, so you can just grab your bike and go. 

Kradl is a revolutionary bike lift and ceiling hoist bike storage system that lifts your bike to the ceiling without electricity or clumsy ropes and pulleys.  The heavy-duty unit lifts up to 40 lbs. and can handle  mountain bikes, steel frame bikes, including bikes with step-through frames, and lightweight e-bikes, while the 25 lb. model is perfect for road bikes, kids’ bikes and lightweight bikes.  With the Kradl ceiling hoist bike storage system, your bike is ready when you are. 

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