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How it Works

Kradl easily attaches to all sorts of bikes using a self-cinching clasp to securely grip and elevate your ride.  It's proprietary technology doesn't use any electricity to lift bikes weighing up to 40 lbs., regardless of whether the road you choose requires a mountain bike, road bike, commuter, fixie or beach cruiser with a step-through frame.   

Basic Operation*:

Kradl lifting mountain bike wihout electrcity

Attach harness to top tube.

Guide the bike up to the desired height.


Pull release cord and gently press down on bike to engage lift.


  • No electricity

  • Lifts up to 25lbs. or 40lbs. (select at checkout), but weighs less than 5lbs.

  • Accommodates ceiling heights up to 13ft. (40lbs. Unit) or 15ft. (25lbs. Unit) 

  • Attaches to bike frame to lift bike horizontally or to bike wheel to lift bike vertically

  • Only two screws required for installation 

*See User Manual (pdf.) for additional details.


Kradl dimensions

How to videos:

How to Videos
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