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Basement Bike Storage Solutions

You know you’ve turned into your parents when you find yourself reminding your kids to get their stuff out of your basement. After all, you need a little space down there, too. If your garage is already full, basement bike storage might be necessary to keep your bikes in good condition and ready to ride. 

The expanding need for storage space is obvious from the proliferation of self-storage facilities around the country. But by the time you get your bike out of a rented storage locker, your window of opportunity for a ride may have closed. Basement bike storage is the answer. 

The Kradl ceiling-mounted bike lift works with no electricity and doesn’t have unsightly pulleys or multiple ropes. Instead, this ingenious device uses just two lines: one strap to secure and lift your bike, and the other to activate the unit’s hoist. Simply secure the lift strap around your bike’s cross bar (or wheel, if you prefer vertical storage), pull on the shift cord to put the device into lift mode, and press down on your bike to activate the hoisting mechanism. Guide your bike up to the desired height, and you’re done. Your bike is off the basement floor, but still accessible and ready to ride when you need it. 

The Kradl comes in two versions. One lifts to 25 pounds, and the other can lift 26-40 pounds. You’ll never have to spend valuable riding time reorganizing and repositioning all the stuff in your basement (wait, your kids still haven’t come to get their stuff?), and your bike will be safe, rust-free and ready to ride when you are. 

The Kradl is easy to install with just two screws. Choose one device, or if you store multiple bikes, Kradl comes in two-, three-, and four-packs. Keep bikes easily accessible for family bike rides and store them easily in the off-season with Kradl. 

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