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Ready when you are.


Revolutionary bike lift and storage system lifts your bike for you.

  • No electricity or clumsy ropes and pulleys

  • Power to lift up to 40lbs

  • Works with all types of bikes

Simple and Powerful

Ready to go for a ride? Just pull your bike down and go. When the ride is over, simply attach your bike and engage the thoughtfully engineered hoist that powerfully lifts your bike while you gently guide it safely toward the ceiling. (Watch: How to Operate)

Kradl in use
Kradl holding bike

Space Saving

Kradl can lift a bike higher than other bike hoists.  By attaching to the top tube instead of the seat or handlebars, the attachment hardware is out of the way and Kradl can lift a bike all the way to the ceiling - saving you precious head room.  


The patent pending harness limits contact with the bike frame to a rubberized strap that evenly grasps the bike tube while preventing scratches and dings.  The docking arm secures the harness and keeps the bike from swinging freely. 

Kradl clasp around bike
Kradl bike hoist

Easy Installation

Kradl mounts to a single ceiling stud using just two screws.  No clumsy ropes and pulleys, no electricity or wiring required.  (Watch: Kradl Installation)


Compact and elegant design allows a bike to be hung almost anywhere from ceilings as high as 13-15ft. The single point of contact with the bike means that the bike can be oriented in any direction regardless of the direction of ceiling studs.  The patent pending harness works with all types of bike frames, including bikes with slanted top tubes.

Kradl holding bike

Give Back

Kradl wouldn't exist if it were not for San Diego Fire & Rescue.  That's why for every Kradl sold we donate to Emergency Responders in the places where you ride.  (See: Our Story)

Free Shipping

30 Day Returns

1 Year Warranty


Dave Poppers

average rating is 5 out of 5

I get almost as much thrill watching the bike lift into the garage rafters each time as I did from the completed bike ride. What a beautifully designed and engineered device. Beyond fairly priced.

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