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Garage Bike Storage Solutions

It’s not unusual to have a two-car garage that barely fits one car. The longer you live somewhere, the more stuff seems to accumulate. Kradl is your garage bike storage solution. This simple ceiling-mounted hoist works without electricity, and there are no bulky pulleys or heavy ropes. Kradl installs with just two screws. For lightweight bikes, choose the model that lifts up to 25 pounds. For heavier mountain and lightweight e- bikes, select the model that lifts up to 40 pounds. Kradl can lift fat tire bikes, road bikes, and gravel bikes off the floor of your garage to hang them safely from the ceiling. Your bike will be easy to reach and ready to go when you want it.  

Garages work overtime as storage areas. But if every inch of floor space and shelf area is filled with boxes of holiday lights, lawn care equipment, badminton or volleyball sets, basketballs, and rocking horses you can’t bear to part with, there’s not much room left for bikes. Solve that problem with garage bike storage solutions from Kradl. If you use just one bike for all your rides, whether commuting or trail riding, one Kradl attached to your garage ceiling will keep your bike accessible but off the floor. 

For families or cyclists with several bikes, Kradl comes in two-, three-, or four-packs. Mount several Kradl units on your garage ceiling to store your bikes out of the way but within reach. With Kradl, you won’t have to rearrange your garage every time you want to go for a ride. Instead, you’ll simply pull your bike down from the height you chose to hang it, detach the harness, and take off. 

When you’re back from work or a trail ride, simply attach the strap security to the bike’s frame (or wheel, for vertical storage), pull the release cord, and press down gently on the bike to activate the lift. Guide your bike to the desired height, and you’re done. 

Finding a path back into your house through all the other stuff in your garage is up to you. 

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