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Indoor Bike Storage Solutions

Outdoor recreation is good for mental and physical health, and a bike ride is one of the best ways to stay healthy while you take advantage of a beautiful day. But while the outdoors is good for you, it’s not necessarily true for your bike.

You’ll need good indoor bike storage solutions to keep your bike safe and in good condition.  If you are serious about maintaining your bike, once you’re off the road or the trail, you need a safe, dry place to store it until you’re ready for your next ride.
These devices run the gamut from unwieldy bike stands to wall-mounted racks that require you to lift and hang your bike yourself—not such an easy feat with a heavy mountain bike or fat tire bike.

There are better indoor bike storage solutions: namely, the Kradl ceiling-mounted bike lift system. Buy a single ceiling-mounted unit for one bike, or two- to four-packs of Kradl bike hoists for your collection of bikes or to store bikes for the whole family.

Kradl doesn’t require electricity, and there are no complicated ropes and pulleys. These ceiling-mounted units use one sturdy strap to hoist the bike and a simple shift mechanism that engages the lift when you push gently down on your bike.

The Kradl is an elegant, space-saving solution for indoor bike storage. Hang your bike from the ceiling of your garage, basement, or loft. It even works in apartments and storage spaces. Wherever you have overhead space, you have room for a Kradl ceiling hoist bike lift system.

Keeping your bike indoors, dry, and clean prolongs its useful life. The Kradl ensures your bike is ready when you are. No more rummaging around, moving things out of your garage or basement just to reach your bike. With a Kradl, your bike is suspended safely from the ceiling, above all the other stuff that shares limited storage space in your home. 

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