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Not so long ago in a cyclocross race not so far away….

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Not so long ago in a cyclocross race not so far away….Kradl Team Member, Alex Dombroski, hijacked the Millenium Falcon in an effort to run the Bend, Oregon Cross Crusade in under 12 Parsecs.

Known for his love of everything Star Wars, Alex has been racing the annual Halloween cyclo-cross costume race since 2013. His costumes have become legendary among the Oregon cycling galaxy.

Alex (who is actually responsible for giving Kradl its name) is a lifelong cyclist with roots in mountain biking and triathlon. He became hooked cyclocross when he moved to Portland. The community and culture of cyclocross are reason enough to love the sport. Add a costume themed bike race and the young Jedi in Alex is on full display.

As competitors and fans of the event have come to expect spaceships flying among the carbon fiber and titanium bikes, each year Alex feels the pressure to deliver better and more elaborate costumes. Training be damned - what once took an hour or two to throw together, now involves late nights, long hours and finding hot glue in places where you never want to find hot glue.

After staying up until 3 a.m. the night before the race-fixing the costume’s hyperdrive, Alex confesses that things would have been a lot easier if he had the help of Chewbacca in lieu of his sleeping six-year-old daughter.

Although Alex doesn’t get a medal and kiss from Princess Leia, the late hours and hard work are worth the effort. Soon after the race, the cardboard falcon gets the full attention of a toddler rolling by on his pushbike; wide-eyed with mouth agape, the child collides into Alex and his bike completely oblivious to the fact that the ship was attached to the lycra wearing cyclist.

The young boy’s mom, flush with embarrassment, immediately apologizes to Alex while gently guiding her mesmerized child out of the way. Alex gives a satisfied chuckle and couldn’t be happier.

As for where Alex finishes in these races, one competitor summed it up best when he said: “I love what Alex brings to this event, his costumes are not only awesome, but they create one more obstacle to get around.”

If you are looking for a cycling holiday in October, this event is not to be missed. Hope to see you next year and may the cycling force be with you.

-Team Kradl

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