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Space Saving Bike Storage

Whether you have a place of your own or moved up from an apartment or condo to a single-family home, you know the importance of storage. Space-saving bike storage that is easy to access becomes a necessity for anyone who enjoys riding a bike.    

Let’s face it, people tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. It’s no secret that self-storage has become big business. But a storage unit is no place for a bike. You want your bike to be ready and available when you’re ready to ride. That’s where space-saving bike storage comes in: the Kradl is a great solution for people who love to ride but have limited space.  

The Kradl is a ceiling-mounted bike lift that securely and safely suspends your bike from the ceiling of your garage, basement,  apartment or storage space. It doesn’t require electricity and installs easily with just two screws. There are no pesky pulleys or tangled ropes: just a sturdy line and strap that eases your bike up off the floor and out of the jumble of junk, lawn equipment, and toolboxes that occupy space in your garage or basement. 

With Kradl ceiling-mounted space-saving bike storage devices, your bikes hang safely above the fray, where they won’t get dinged or scratched, but are easy to access when you are ready to go for a ride. You’ll simple pull them down, detach the simple to use proprietary bike harness, and you’re on your way. When you get back from your ride, simply attach the harness, pull the cord to shift into lift mode, and gently press down on your bike to engage the lift. Guide your bike up to the height you prefer, and your bike is safely stowed and ready when you are for your next ride. 

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